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OpenIV Crash on load since Social Club Outage

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Hey peeps, I know we recently had a social club outage due to all the people playing GTA V, and ever since that faithful night I now cannot launch Open IV.

I've done all the basic schtuff in an attempt to get it working. I havwe

1) Re-installed Open IV

2) Re-installed GTA IV and tested it with default files

3) Used compatbility mode in an attempt to get the damn thing working.


I'm an active skin developer for an upcoming met police clan on GTA IV, and the Open IV thing is a humungous setback, I find SPARK IV (which oddly IS working) to be horrendous compared to OPEN IV. I'll paste the screenshot of the crash image below. BTW as soon as it says "Starting." is when is crashes.


I appreciate any help greatly that anyone can give to me. My last ace I can draw is factory resetting the PC, but that seems a bit drastic for what looks like an xml error.

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Yes I am, these were the first things I did :P

Here's the error log btw, it used to white screen when i clicked it.

Time: "21:26:46"
Type: "EJclSimpleXMLError"
Message: "Invalid Document: Unexpected text in file prolog at position 1"
Additional information:
[Application Context]
[Application Windows]
TPreloaderWindow=OpenIV 1.5.0
TErrorWindow=OpenIV - Application error
  Release: 22.07.2013
  Address: "0x00793F62"
  Procedure: "JclSimpleXml.TJclSimpleXMLElemsProlog.Error"
  Unit: "JclSimpleXml", Line: "274"
[00793F5D] JclSimpleXml.TJclSimpleXMLElemsProlog.Error (Line 274, "JclSimpleXml" + 0) + $CC48
[00793F95] JclSimpleXml.TJclSimpleXMLElemsProlog.FmtError (Line 274, "JclSimpleXml" + 0) + $CC80
[0079382F] JclSimpleXml.TJclSimpleXMLElemsProlog.LoadFromStringStream (Line 274, "JclSimpleXml" + 0) + $C51A
[0078DB13] JclSimpleXml.TJclSimpleXML.LoadFromStringStream (Line 274, "JclSimpleXml" + 0) + $67FE
[0078DA31] JclSimpleXml.TJclSimpleXML.LoadFromStream (Line 274, "JclSimpleXml" + 0) + $671C
[00794890] ExSimpleXMLUnit.TExSimpleXML.LoadXMLFile (Line 122, "ExSimpleXMLUnit.pas" + 7) + $8
[0091B89A] OpenIV.Core2.TagManager.TBaseTagManager.Create (Line 54, "OpenIV.Core2.TagManager.pas" + 2) + $5
[0095BB30] OpenIV.Core2.TCustomCore.CreateSecondWave (Line 263, "OpenIV.Core2.pas" + 1) + $1A
[00AB160D] OpenIV.Application.CProgram.Background (Line 421, "OpenIV.Application.pas" + 69) + $7
[006E981B] System.ThreadManager.CSThread.Execute (Line 228, "System.ThreadManager.pas" + 3) + $3
[004C4436] System.Classes.ThreadProc + $42
[004095D8] System.ThreadWrapper + $28
[75823675] BaseThreadInitThunk + $10
[77C79D40] Unknown function at RtlInitializeExceptionChain + $61
[77C79D10] Unknown function at RtlInitializeExceptionChain + $31

Also, just re-installed AGAIN with admin rights, that definitely won't work.

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