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LCPD Officer Josh

Brave Hearts Policing Controlls And Mods I Need Listed!

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i was wondering if you could help me with the bravehearts policing script controls like could somebody make a txt of them or a list like this:

SHIFT + U = Let Traffic Move


Like that if you can!


also i need a mod listed!


does anybody know but like in police the have a red button to call emergancy backup  is there a mod like hit p or something like that to call emergancy backup



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The controls for Bravehearts Policing Script is in the file called "Policing.ini". 


You can call back-up with: 

Left ALT and B simultaneously - Requests a patrol vehicle with 2 officers as code 3 assistance.
Left ALT and N simultaneously - Requests a special law enforcement vehicle with 2-4 swat/noose/esu officers.
Left ALT and V simultaneously - Requests a gunship helicopter which follows your character, with 4 swat/noose/esu officers which shoot at hostile peds in your area. 

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is there a mod like that

Not what I know of, no. You can just press the backup button several times to create the effect of signal 13 (eg. emergency). 

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