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RC20 Reasons/Fixes.

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I'm making this thread to help some beginners! So the RC20 usually comes up by having a bunch of materials named the same thing, this happens to be an issue in bxbugs123's cars. Example:





(also note this can happen with any material no matter the name of it)

So to fix this, just I usually set the default material to a normal map so it shows up purple when you delete all the other material, select the purple polygons in polygon mode, re-assign to the first material! Unless it has a different setup then it should stay like different spec maps cause that can be important.

Secondly never have to many misc files, it "can" result in RC20, but usually it messes the car up in game. so to fix this just attach all of the equipment I guess into one model and make that the only misc (aside from the misc_a and b those are for windows, to make them that is optional on most cars except Impala, Suburban, Tahoe and others). Example:





I presume that these are not the only causes for RC20 but most common, if anyone has anything else to add, please do so. Hopefully this helps some people!


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Sorry, to double post but may I get this pinned?

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