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I need help i accidently deleted Gta IV:asi loader now my game doesn't even launch!Please help me In the G17 IV Diagnostics its shows a x and i accidently deleted from the gta 4 most needed files the gta iv:asi loader and i need it back from someone please could you send me the file because i did it accidently and i love the lcpdfr mod! So please somehow reply to me or give me a link where can i download!

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Do NOT create multiple topics for the same issue. Please stick to this one. Any more threads created will be trashed.


About the ASI Loader: The link should be in this topic on GTA Forums: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=380830


It took me 5 seconds to search that. Simply search on your browser "GTA IV ASI Loader" and you should get results.

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