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How do you activate a speed trap?

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By default there is no radar gun device included in the LCPD:FR modification. However you can install the dash cam mod created by Sniper296 and with that comes a radar system that allows you  to set up speed traps and prevent dangerous drivers in Liberty City from causing harm to others on the road  :tongue:. Here is a link to the dash cam mod '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>. I hope I helped you with your question and have a great day  :thumbsup:.

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Dash cam mod is a good solution, however keep in mind you can get bored quick as AI cars in GTA IV are supposed to be locked to a certain speed and driving pattern unless there are some radical circumstances like gunshots being fired nearby or if you smash into someone with your car. You can learn eyeball speeders in-game every now and then if you drive in real life, but you're going to catch a lot of different traffic violations in GTA IV that aren't speeding. This would include things like lane changes without signaling, hard swerving between lanes, blowing red lights at certain intersections that weren't coded properly in-game, ramming into the back of someone else's car, not stopping at a stop sign next to a green traffic light (yes, you still have to obey the sign even if your light is green), a bus or large truck  traveling in the fast lane, beat up cars with missing headlights or license plates that are falling off, scooters that aren't allowed on the highway and motorcyclists without a helmet.

I'm sure there are more things than that, but that's usually what I stop people for. I very rarely find any speeders.

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