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nothing works the mods wont even appear

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no mods are coming up could one of yall help plz i am new to modding it worked for a little lcpdfr worked and then didnt work so we tried to install it and now gta4 isnt even letting pull up the mods so we delete gta and reinstall we got it off steam store can one of ya'll help me thank Greg Kunkle

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Its not bringing up an error it just acts like theyre not in the game file it acts like its a normal game minus the vehicle mods they work because we used gta vehicle modder i know for a while lcpdfr said error in handling of a file i cant remember the rest but now it dosent work at all it said that when you would go into the police station to go on duty and then it wouldnt let you out of the police station it wouldnt let you put on a uniform

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