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Taser not fonctioning

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Hi there,


I currently have LCPDFR 0.95 RC2. My taser has never fonctioned from the beginning, I have no idea why. Maybe it's weapon mods?? I don't know but I highly doubt it.


When I press ALT+T I switch to my fist, but nothing else happens. Same after I click the second time.


I looked back and remembered my weapon mods did replace the whole weapons.img so it may be the problem - so I took my vanilla copy of GTA IV, installed LCPDFR, and extracted the amb_nailgun from that copy and put it in my new one - but still nothing.


I tried G17 Media Diagnostics but it doesn't exactly fonction. It says my .NET scripthook is out of date, though I'm using the one that came with LCPDFR 0.95 RC2. So I went and re-installed the .NET scriphook v1.7.1.7 BETA from GTAForums.. but it still says my scripthook is out of date...


Here is a pic of my diagnostics tool - note I am running Windows 8, and running the program in compatibility for Vista SP2.





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We do not provide any form of support for issues regarding LCPDFR until a new public release. Look though the knowledgebase and LCPDFR support section, it's very likely that your question has been asked before.

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