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I have problems with some things.

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So now, whenever I go to pull over a car, it tells me to exit my vehicle, then when I walk to the drivers side window, the car starts to move again.  The little red area where you are supposed to stand moves with the car so I know that they aren't resisting arrest. It happens every time. Also, whenever I do a call now with Braveheart's policing script, I say yes to the call and then they say like (The drunk driver is on: ) IT doesnt tell me the street nor calibrate the route for me. It does nothing... Should I just reinstall GTA IV?

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Yes. Re-install GTA, then re-install the mods. I know its a pain but usually fixes things.
If you have the steam version: 
Go to your Library, right-click the game, and click Properties > Click Local Files, then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache > then re-install mods.
If that doesnt work..add little more detail..
Whats your entire list of mods?
What version game? EFLC or GTA IV? 
ELS? Version?
Playing online? or Single Play?

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NO NO NO!  Just remove Braveheart script 2.2 and use 2.1.  That is a script issue with Braveheart 2.2.  Try uninstalling the script, run the game with just LCPDFR and I bet your game will run fine.  Then go and install Braveheart 2.1 if you want.  I had same problems with 2.2...You do not need to reinstall GTAIV.


Good day,



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