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To easy chases bug

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Hey there,

I wanted to ask if someone knows how to fix few big bugs,which make the experience booring:
(keep in mind,my PC is very powerfull,I have only ENB mod, 1 police ped appearance mod and 1 police car appearance mod,it's almost clean install)


1 bug:
when i get a chase call-out,every time suspects drive in a GREEN car and it just drives like a normal ped car (stops at streetlights etc.).
I catch it in aprox. 15sec. - that's it.... my chase is done.
And it goes on for all of the chases.
Also,no other cop is chasing it,only randomly drive through city.

I only found one post with this situation,and it didn't get any responce what so ever:

2 bug:
When i get to a shootout call,there aren't any cops,I can see the suspects standing and waiting for me to show up.
In all of the videos that I've seen,when you get to a shootout you see lots of cops already fighting the villains,well,for me it never did happen... :/

Last bug:
After some gaming time (5-10min,sometimes quicker,and sometimes never) my automatic call-outs dissapear,I have to ALT+F11 to get one.
I dont know if it's a bug really,but its annoying :/

Please LCPD:FR community,help me with even one of these bugs,because the only reason why i waited few days of downloading this game was for full LCPDFR experience,which is BOORING right now :((((

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LCPDFR Support is now CLOSED, but i recommend you intstall GTA4 and LCPDFR only and see if it works.... JUST LCPDFR and GTA4 if it works ... one of your mods was messing up everything!If iit doesnt work, i dunno what to do...

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Try deleting and reinstalling LCPDFR and/or the Braveheart script (if you have it...if you don't you should get it...many more call-outs and more diverse call-outs than LCPDFR currently offers..should get the police helper for bait car scenarios and other goodies.).  I went back one version of Bravehearts due to the newer script crashing my game.  


1st Bug;  Never experienced this.  My chases are usually epic.


2nd Bug:  Depends on the shoot out and where the call-out originated (LCPDFR or Braveheart call-out).  Sometimes there are a few cops, some have many cops and some don't have any cops.  I can usually call for backup during a gun fight, even when the call is Braveheart.


3rd Bug: The call-outs are random and you may have some quite time.  Go setup a speed trap or harass some hoods in Bohan (take firepower if yo patrol there)...see what happens.


Sorry couldn't be of more help bud.


Good day,



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