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Police lights

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i was wondering if there was any way to change the color of the lights that shows up on the walls and ground to match the light colors. any help would be awesome. thanks

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If you're using ELS, then you can find the colors in the els config file located in your GTA IV directory. If you scroll down there should be a place in the document set up like this:



Active = 1
Color_Light1L = 0
Color_Light2L = 0
Color_Light3R = 1
Color_Light4R = 1
Offst_SLights = 0


the number is the color of the light, which corresponds to this chart (also at the bottom of els.ini):

Red         0
Blue        1
White      2
Amber     3
Green      4


The look of your file might vary slightly based on the version of ELS you're using.


Hope this helps!

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