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Tahoe Skin - Can someone make it so I can use this?

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I recently made a tahoe skin, Liberty City police, and now I want to put it into the game so I can use it. Could someone help me transfer it so people can download it?


I want to be able to use SparkIV to put it into my game. I'm pretty proud of the skin, but if it's all screwed up, mind you it's only my first one.


It would also be great if someone could explain/teach me how to transfer a vehicle skin into the game, or as a download, for the future. I intend on making similar skins as a "series" of downloads.


Download here:


Download (.jpg)


I assure you this is VIRUS FREE.


I claim this skin, and would appreciate if nobody would copy/edit this without my permission.


Do not claim this skin as your own.



Thanks LCPDFR Community,


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You can go to the downloads section of this site and upload it there.

It'll get WAY more attention if it is in the right place. 

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