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Can i please have some help :0

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Hello, I have been trying to get the Lcpdfr mod to work for three  days, I downloaded the  G17 Diagnostic tool and it shows a check next to everything. I have it on steam and i followed many different tuts on how to install.  Every time i get in the game (GTA IV), ALT p does nothing.  Any suggestions? or can somebody do this for me on steam :) i will donate ?

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Support for LCPDFR 0.91 and 0.95 RC2 is discontinued and further support will not be offered until the next release.
    Have a look through our knowledgebase and the read-only LCPDFR support forum.
Please redirect non-LCPDFR general GTA IV support questions to the appropriate GTA IV forum.
If you ignore this advice, your post will be binned and your account sanctioned.

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