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LCPDFR/All mods not working.

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I just installed GTA IV from steam to my new computer. My new laptop is an Alienware so the laptop is not the problem.

Everytime I start the game and press "ALT-P" to start LCPDFR, nothing. Nothing at all. No error messages no nothing. As if I didn't even have the mod installed. But I do.

I downloaded G17 IV Diagnostic program to see what the problem is and what I found really confused the heck out of me. It makes ZERO sense.

Here is what It says:

CPU supported

RAN supported

.NET Framework 4.0 installed

Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

GTA IV Detected

GTA IV ASI Loader not found

GTA IV C++ Scripthook not found

GTA IV LCPDFR not found

GTA IV LCPDFR settings not found

GTA IV audio not found

Okay. uh what? So I install LCPDFR now like five times... even re-installed everything and the same problem occurs everytime. I seriously need some help with this. So if anyone knows of any solution to this please let me know.

I have no more information then what I have posted on this thread.


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Support for LCPDFR 0.91 and 0.95 RC2 is discontinued and further support will not be offered until the next release.

Have a look through our knowledge base and the read-only LCPDFR support forum.

Please redirect non-LCPDFR general GTA IV support questions to the appropriate GTA IV forum.

If you ignore this advice, your post will be binned and your account sanctioned.

Nothing to see here!

This topic has been closed by G17 Media staff.

If you feel that this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.

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