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Huge FPS problem with 2080Ti

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Hello guys,


i have a big FPS Problem. In normal GTA (with LSPDFR, but not "on duty" I have 80-100fps). With lspdfr  "on duty" not over 35, mostly between 28 and 33. I read through the thread and saw that most users with poorer hardware have more FPS than me.

Additional textures and mods such as sounds, emergency car replaces and mvga have little / no influence on the FPS. I was able to solve the well-known graphic problem "texture pop-ups" with "Main.PreloadAllModels = false". (I also tried the following thread to get more fps and get rid the texture pop-ups)


I tested LSPDFR with and without mods, same result= 28-35 FPS every time.
This is inexplicable to me because my PC is better than the PCs of the users who have more FPS.


My PC:
- R5 1600x
- 16GB DDR4 3200
- RTX 2080TI
- GTA is installed on an SSD

LSPDFR callouts and plugin:
- Agency callouts
- Assorted callouts
- Arrest manager
- Callout manager
- Code 3 callouts
- Interaction +
- computer +
- Keep Calm
- Police Smart Radio
- Traffic Police
- Wilderness callouts


All drivers on the PC are up to date.
Btw, changing the graphics settings causes no huge FPS differences (max 1-3)
Hope you can help me.

Best regards


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That's close to a bottlenack. I recommend either overclocking or getting the Ryzen 3000 Series soon.

Other than that: Albo's mods kill a lot of performance. 

You need help but aren't sure what you need to do / where you can get help? 

Official Rage Discord offers instant peer to peer help for all kinds of GTA V issues, Rage issues & LSPDFR / Plugins issues. 


Come in, state your issue and leave playing one hell of an amazing game.

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There is a bottlenack, but i also had the same problem with my old 1080ti. I will try to remove some Albo stuff, thx for the hint.

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