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Infinite Loading Screen

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I have just downloaded LSPDFR for the first time so everything is up to date and I still have to do the prologue. I've completed the prologue but now I am just stuck on an infinite black screen with the swirly loading symbol in the bottom right. Every time I restart the game the game loads up and stuff and takes me to the opening cut scene with Michael. When that's over it teleports me (Franklin) into one of the houses on the beach and I am on top of the sofa and stuck on it. When I go to the pause menu and go to LSPDFR and click on anything to teleport me away it is just an infinite loading screen so there is nothing I can do.

Sorry for my noobness as I never played LSPDFR before so if anyone can help me that would be great.

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You need to complete the prologue to the point where Franklin is at his house and you are able to freeroam. Since that is all part of the prologue.



Hope This Helps! 🙂

Come and join my Unofficial Fan LSPDFR Support Discord to get additional help if needed: https://discord.gg/xsdAXJb
Reminder: This is a fan Discord, and is in no way an Official LSPDFR Discord Server, nor is it related to G17 Media or the LSPDFR Team as a whole.

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