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A Variation is a subset of an Outfit, defining the Components and Props which a Ped should wear.


Variations are the building blocks of the Outfit system.  Like outfits, each variation can be assigned a Name and ScriptName, but variations also introduce a Base attribute which allows for one variation to inherit all the Components of another, which is particularly useful in many situations, especially when creating variations that change accessories but use the same underlying clothes.


Unlike an Outfit, a variation is assigned a particular Gender.  This means that if an Outfit contains two variations - one for each gender - the Outfit will be able to be worn by both females and males.


When selecting an Outfit in the Locker menu, there is an additional menu option which allows the player to choose between all of the variations of the chosen Outfit.




Element Name Type Required Description
Base Variation No If set, the Variation specified will be used as a 'base' for this variation.  This means that it will inherit all of the Components of the base variation.  
Name Text Yes The name of the outfit variation, e.g. "Officer"
ScriptName Text No This is a unique identifier for this outfit variation, which is used to cross-reference it in code and other data, such as when using the Base element (see above).  It is not necessary to specify a ScriptName for a Variation, but you will be unable to specifically reference it if you do not.
Gender Text Yes Either 'male' or 'female' - if both a male and female variation are specified for the same outfit, that outfit will be available to both genders.
Components - Yes A container for one or more Component elements.
Props - No A container for one or more Prop elements.




      <Component id="1" drawable="0" texture="0" />
      <Component id="3" drawable="0" texture="0" />
      <Component id="4" drawable="35" texture="0" />
      <Component id="5" drawable="0" texture="0" />
      <Component id="6" drawable="25" texture="0" />
      <Component id="7" drawable="0" texture="0" />
      <Component id="8" drawable="58" texture="0" />
      <Component id="9" drawable="0" texture="0" />
      <Component id="10" drawable="0" texture="0" />
      <Component id="11" drawable="55" texture="0" />


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