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Police Computer & Radio


The Police Computer


The Police Computer lets you search individuals by name or vehicles by license plate. You access it by pressing Q on keyboard or X on controller. Type in a name and press enter to get their police record, or type in a license plate number to get information on a vehicle. Use Tab to cycle through the IDs you have collected.





The Police Radio


The Police Radio gives you access to a small number of police related options. It is accessible from the Interaction Menu while you are on duty.




  • Action changes the animation your character uses while using the radio. You can pick between using a shoulder mic, handheld radio, earpiece, or none.
  • Available for Calls toggles your "busy status". Not available for calls means you will not receive callouts.
  • Request call lets you force a callout.
  • Request Records Check is similar to the police computer. It lets you search names and plates, and you can cycle through the IDs you have collected with Tab.
  • Close Nearby Roads closes the roads around you to traffic. This setting needs to be applied by pressing Space after toggling it for it to take effect.

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