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Making Arrests


Making an arrest


There are two ways to make an arrest in LSPDFR:

  1. Via the Stopping & Frisking feature by detaining the person.
  2. Via a gunpoint takedown (explained below).


Gunpoint Takedowns


Not all suspects are willing to give up so easily, this means you must use force.  You can stop a suspect at gunpoint by aiming at them with your weapon out and holding down E (by default on keyboard) or Right on the D-pad (controller).  This will fill a progress bar in the bottom right of the screen.


If you are able to fill the progress bar completely, while keeping the suspect at gunpoint, the suspect will begin to comply by going to the ground.  Once a suspect is on the ground, they can be handcuffed by moving close to them and pressing and holding E (by default on keyboard) or right on the D-pad (controller).



An example of a gunpoint takedown in LSPDFR.


After the arrest

Transportation - Self
In LSPDFR you can choose to transport a suspect by yourself or by calling in a transport unit that will do it for you.

You first want to take a hold of the suspect and transport them to the vehicle by pressing E (by default on keyboard) or Right on the D-pad (controller), when you get near the vehicle you want to release the suspect by pressing the same key while standing still.


Next, move over to the vehicle and open one of the doors by pressing E (by default on keyboard) or Right on the D-pad (controller) at the door.  You can then take hold of the suspect again (as above) and move them towards the open door.  When the suspect is being held at the open door, press the same key again and they will sit inside the vehicle.


The suspect will then remain in the vehicle and can be transported to a jail.  The suspect can also be removed from the vehicle by opening the door again and pressing E (by default on keyboard) or Right on the D-pad (controller) at the open door.


In LSPDFR you have the option of transporting a suspect to any station, most stations have a jail symbol on your map, driving to this and parking in the blue checkpoint will transport your prisoner to the jail.   The Downtown Police Station has jail cells that allow you to move a suspect into the cell area on foot, you do this by removing your suspect from the vehicle and leading them into the cells.




Transportation - Request Suspect Transport

You can get your fellow officers to transport a suspect for you by placing a suspect on the ground by pressing Q (by default on keyboard) or Left on the D-pad (controller).  You can then call in transport by opening the Backup Menu and calling in a Transport, this shows up under the response option 'Transport' - await the arrival of the transport vehicle.

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