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LSPDFR 0.4 introduces a new unique experience bringing our players closer together. The new Sync functionality allows you to synchronize your character from the game to your LSPDFR Profile. To view your own personal characters or someone else's character, simply click on their profile and navigate to the LSPDFR Characters tab.



The LSPDFR Characters page shows all characters a user has synced.


Setting up LSPDFR Sync

To set up LSPDFR Sync it is recommended to use windowed or window borderless mode. While in-game navigate to the Pause Menu and select the LSPDFR tab. Select the Sync tab and confirm. A new browser window will be opened to authorize your forums account to be linked with your LSPDFR copy. You need to be logged in to the forums in order for this to work.


Once authorized, switch back to your game and you will be connected with the LSPDFR Sync service.


Syncing characters

If you are already connected, all new characters will be automatically synced. For the 0.4 release there is a limit of three characters per user that can be synced for stability purposes. If you want to sync characters you have created before connecting to the LSPDFR Sync service or unsync a specific character, you can do so from the Character Menu.



The Character Menu allows you to individually sync and unsync your character.


Character Avatars

Your avatar is created automatically when your character is first synced to the server. If you want to change your avatar, you can take a selfie using the in-game camera. The new avatar will then be updated shortly on your profile.

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