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Download System FAQ / Changelog


As we sometimes make changes to the download system which aren't obvious, I thought I would create a change-log here of recent changes to the system. I aim to keep this as up to date as possible.



  • What type of files belong on LCPDFR.com?
    Contrary to public belief, any file which can be categorised by our system is welcome here. That means as of right now, we accept mod uploads for GTA5 Mods, GTA4 Mods, and 3D resources and assets.
    Content does not need to be policing or emergency services related.
  • How does the trending system work?
    The trending system is designed to pick out files which are new and have become popular, without intervention from the LCPDFR.com staff.
    It is entirely automatic.
    The following variables are taken into account by the trending system:
    • The age of the file
    • How many downloads the file has received in a limited time window
    • Variance and uniqueness of those downloads
    • Author's LCPDFR.com account standing
  • How do I add a donation button to my files?
    From your user bar, select 'Account Settings'. From this page, select 'Creator Settings'. You can set your PayPal e-mail address and also set your preferred donation currency from here. Having a valid PayPal address automatically activates the donate button on your files.
    You can remove the donation button by removing your PayPal address from the field.
  • How does featuring work?
    Our Content Team, along with our Community and Management teams, pick out files for featuring. We feature files that are of a high quality, but we also use figures like downloads, positive reviews and more to make the determination. We do not feature files which have a poor quality primary screenshot, as featured files show prominently on the portal page. To improve the process we are working on a community endorsement system to supplement staff featuring.
  • How do I move my file?
    If you've accidentally placed your file in the wrong place, we'll be introducing the ability to move your file by yourself soon. For now, please report your file and a moderator will deal with it.
  • How can I delete my file?
    From the 'File Actions' menu, which you can find at the bottom of your file, choose 'Hide from public'. This option will hide your file temporarily, allowing you to make changes or improvements to the file. If you want to completely delete the file, from the same menu, choose 'Schedule for deletion'. Once your file is scheduled for deletion, it will be deleted from our servers automatically in seven days.
    Once the file has been deleted, it is not possible to recover it.
    Note: These options will not work if a moderator has hidden your file or if your account/file has been subject to an approval process. If you want a file subject to these limitations deleted, contact the moderator to request file deletion.



Download System ( - 2nd December 2018

  • Backend tweaks to the file approval system.
  • Up max file limit to 1GB.
  • Add tags with quick filter fields on file listing pages with quick filter items.
  • Ability for staff to delist files.
  • Backend tweaks and fixes.

Download System ( - 20th September 2018

  • Resolve issue with updating files caused by stale caches.

Download System ( - 19th September 2018

  • Remove popular authors list from download portal pages. Will be moved into a separate stats page.
  • Start to introduce Trending Files system, a system that will showcase new and popular files.
  • No longer allow authors to review their own content.
  • Longer caches for certain content.

Download System (1.0.21) - 3rd August 2018

  • Fixed some small navigation issues.
  • Remove some code for scrapped lists feature.

Download System ( - 31st March 2018

  • Fixed an issue that meant member download speeds were not being prioritised over guests.

Download System ( - 30th March 2018

  • Removed all front-facing code for the beta file system in accordance with our phasing out of the system.

Download System (1.0.20) - 10th March 2018

  • Bugfix: Better CSRF key validation, redirect user back to file page for anti-leech protection
  • Bugfix: Fix a caching issue that would cause excess disk reads
  • Bugfix: Restore downloads powerview for moderation
  • Start checksumming all files

Download System (1.0.17-1.0.19) - 26th November 2017

  • Authors can now pin/unpin comments on their file pages
  • Introduced 'Essential Mods' list
  • Content Team and staff can now add files to the 'Essential Mods' list
  • Fixed some issues with adding duplicate downloads to files when some conditions are met
  • Added ability to suppress update notifications when updating a file
  • Added ability to upload a file as hidden

Download System (1.0.16) - 16th April 2017

  • More behind-the-scenes work on list feature
  • Additional performance improvements, caching and improved database indexes
  • Add filter to the Top Authors section, allowing seeing the Current Week/Month/Day's top authors.
  • Bugfix: Labels indicating author/contributor/tester status next to names on comments have returned.

Download System (1.0.15 Patch) - 10th April 2017

  • Fix more issues with file security scanning
  • First stage of integration with Virustotal.
  • More detailed error messages when viewing non-publically viewable files. e.g. it will be shown if a file is under approval or was removed by author

Download System (1.0.15 Patch) - 7th April 2017

  • Fix issue with file security scanning
  • Fix another issue with downloads being overcounted

Download System (1.0.15) - 4th April 2017

  • Add ability to hold certain file types for manual approval.
  • Additional optimizations.

Download System (1.0.14) - 30th March 2017

  • Move Creator Settings from the User Bar into Account Settings.
  • Bring back 'Inside the File', some wide-ranging bugs have been fixed.
  • Improve uniformity of reviews.
  • Fix wide-ranging issues with donation tracking. We aim to introduce more improvements to this feature shortly, including the ability to autopromote donors to beta testers.
  • An issue with over-counting downloads, caused by submitting invalid CAPTCHAs has been recognized and fixed. In the coming days, we'll be performing recounts to fix the download counts of files.

Download System (1.0.13) - 20th March 2017

  • Overhauled the stats system. You can now see Stats for your file since it was uploaded, in a wide range of formats and timescales.
    Note: For files with a lot of downloads, this will not work as expected due to performance issues. We're working on a fix.
  • Prepare download system for introducing additional download servers.

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