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    MSKI8877 reacted to Lundy in [REL][BETA] Realism Dispatch Enhanced LSPDFR 0.3 addon   
    I knew that you were too hungover to be publishing mod updates. You just never listen. tsk tsk tsk
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from tksexton1 in Columbia, MO & the Park Ranger   
    After playing around with the game for a while, I noticed, that on the Park Ranger's uniform, their patch reads "Park Ranger Columbia, MO."
    Anyone have an idea what this might be a tribute to, or their reasoning behind using Columbia, MO?
    My thoughts are that it has something to do with the fact that MIZZOU is there. 
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from tksexton1 in Columbia, MO & the Park Ranger   
    I guess it could be a matter of convenience. I did think of that, but wondered why not use the NPS one instead, that didn't have any kind of city or state ident. However, the one they picked does look pretty generic.
    I really appreciate your input guys!
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Cyan in LCPDFR Online Services: Clan Services Expansion   
    I'm thinking about bringing the old LCPDFR.com clan system back, but it will serve mostly as an LCPDFR Online Service - integrated with our crime statistics system.
    What I currently have planned is to have group/clan based leaderboards in the same way we currently have per-user leaderboards and adding facilities in the game to facilitate online play as a clan.
    This would include in-game chat via the police computer system between clan personnel (which would also be visible to clan personnel not in-game), a built in dispatch system and real-time maps of where clan personnel are in-game to help dispatch staff - the real time maps would include activity, for example would show when an arrest takes place or when officers call for backup.
    The idea overall would be to aide group play, and create a competitive environment where clans would be qualitively measured by our scoring system that we currently use for per-user leaderboards.
    Please note there is no timeline for this at all. So please don't get your hopes up - although I hope to do this, it may not be done for any number of reasons. Also please note that multiplayer/callouts sync is part of the LCPDFR core and is not what I'm asking for suggestions for.
    I'd like to know what you guys would like. Although this is aimed at clans, it will be not just limited to clans, and could be used for any group.
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from Mark Stavaros in What languages do you speak? Where?   
    Beyond English, I speak Polish and Czech. I'm currently taking classes in Turkish and German! 
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Hystery in do you worry alot?   
    What's your name?
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Cyan in relationships?   
    Taken. Been in a relationship for about a year and 2 months and live together. For our anniversary we had champagne on the London eye.
    I think it takes meeting someone you can spend a lot of time with without going crazy. We're both pretty geeky, enjoy coding and sci-fi. We can talk for hours together and I think that's the key to a healthy relationship.
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    MSKI8877 reacted to TheDivineHustle in relationships?   
    LOL, there it is.
    I've been single for years now, and I haven't bothered to do anything about it. Every now and again I'll come across a pretty girl, and I may even stare at her for a few seconds, but I've never actually made a move in an attempt to get a girlfriend. It's simply not something that I really care about at this age. I'm more focused on my school work, plans for the future after school, plans for life, etc. I don't have time to deal with, " Oh you looked at her, I slept with him, she fought her, she broke up with him and now she likes you" bull shit. I just don't have the time for it. When the time is right, I'll know it :).
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    MSKI8877 reacted to iansonwheels in relationships?   
    Nobody likes me because I'm an LCPDFR nerd.
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Lee10 in relationships?   
    No, but I happen to be in a fantastic relationship with my right hand, so far so good.

    No but in all seriousness, I'am single, while a lot of people may not like that, I consider it to be beneficial financially. ;)
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    MSKI8877 reacted to tomcat8492 in Size of San Andreas Compared to Real Life   
    While playing GTA V campaign, I've noticed many of the characters complaining that it's "...going to take hours" to go somewhere and X location is "...so far away". So I thought, if San Andreas was a real life place, how big would it be? Despite the fact I'm not a big fan of it, I've done the math. I hope I am at least relatively close to the correct answers.
    Here comes the oh-so-fun math. (Skip to the bottom if you want to avoid the hell of all this and just want the answer)
    Since the time and distance in the game is not resembling of the real world, I began with calculating how long 1 hour in-game is to real life then how long it would take to travel 1 mile @ 60 mph. The way I knew I was travelling at 60 mph was by utilizing the first person view in a vehicle. ALL DRIVING TIMES ARE AT 60 MPH; 60 MINUTES = 1 HOUR...make it easy and what not.
    1 GTA hour = 2 RL minutes    (RL is "Real Life" just so we're clear)
    Next, to go 0.50 GTA miles = 30 RL seconds travelling @ 60 mph which would mean 1 GTA mile = 30 GTA minutes = 1 RL minute.
    2 GTA miles = 1 GTA hour
    So to put numbers into words: When you drive one mile @ 60 mph, 30 minutes has passed in the minds of the characters. 
    "BUT!" you say, "What is the distance from the southern most tip of San Andreas (Los Santos International Airport) to the Northern most tip (Just north of Paleto Bay) of San Andreas? For this question I am ONLY counting the main land of San Andreas and NOT the small pieces of island just north of Paleto Bay. I've included west to east measurements but I'm not concerned with that.
    While viewing the map in-game, there is a legend measuring the distance across the state of San Andreas in feet. The distance I used was 3,305 ft to measure across the state while using a ruler. My T.V. is big and flat enough to where using a ruler wont interfere with accurate numbers.
    3,305 ft on a ruler is 3.1 inches. (+/- 0.05 inches)
    Measuring the entire state north to south came out to APPROXIMATLY 40,486 ft
    40,486 ft = 7.66 miles
    West to east = 24,787 ft = 4.69 miles
    If going 2 GTA miles = 1 GTA hour then 7 GTA miles = 3 1/2 GTA hours. 
    Based on the time cycle relevant to the distance, I've calculated that the 0.66 miles that I left out would mean that the total time is about 3 hours 50 minutes.
    Numbers in to words again: Travelling from the southern most tip of San Andreas and driving in a STRAIGHT line to the northern most tip (not including the islands) would take 3 hours and 50 minutes while traveling at 60 mph.
    Since you would travel 60 miles driving at 60 mph, 3 hours 50 miutes would convert to 230 miles.
    San Andreas in real life 
    = 230 miles north to south and would take 3.83 hours to travel @ 60 mph.
    = 90 miles east to west and would take 1.84 hours to travel @ 60 mph
    If any calculation are wrong let me know. None of the calculations are 100% accurate.
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Black Jesus in Eat Your Boogers! They're Good For You!   
    I've been collecting my boogers and other people's for several years, waiting for a business opportunity like this. I have several tons of boogers from all over, arranged by different regions of the world. Using these boogers I will make Booger Crackers, toasted and roasted for maximum flavor. There will at least 50 different flavors, seasoned to represent popular dishes from that area. Sadly I've been waiting for FDA approval for the last 30 years...
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Four1one in Any good Crime Drama shows?   
    If you have Netflix look up "The Chicago Code"..."Longmire" is pretty good too. And they also Added "Blacklist"
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Fartknockr in Arizona DPS Skin Request   
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    MSKI8877 reacted to Fartknockr in Arizona DPS Skin Request   
    I have made an Arizona DPS (DUI Enforcement) skin for Bugs' 2013 Explorer. If you want, send me a PM and I'll get it to you tomorrow. 

    Here is the picture of it on the CVPI. Skin is by Myself, Picture is by AlecDurbin

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    MSKI8877 reacted to Bojan in [WIP] Rotator Drill-Dow Script   
    Yeah, private video?
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from johnclark1102 in Why the need for Clans?   
    Thank you for addressing that. Within a clan or group, I can see this working perfectly. Having never played in one, I was always curious about the roles of supervisors and how they would implement their authority.
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from HCDPS in Why the need for Clans?   
    Thank you for addressing that. Within a clan or group, I can see this working perfectly. Having never played in one, I was always curious about the roles of supervisors and how they would implement their authority.
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from Drakedge in Planned Multiplayer Game 6 PM EST   
    Tonight's game was insane!!!! I loved it!
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    MSKI8877 got a reaction from BlackerCracker in Want to play MP right now?   
    Absolutely shocked how long tonight's game lasted from approx 12.30 MST to 00.17 MST!!! I had a great time with all of you. A big thank you to the two who stayed the entire time with me!

    (PS. Still shocked the last round, with over 10 people and all kinds of chaos, did not crash - NOT EVEN ONCE!)
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