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  1. I changed it to launch in windowed, it almost worked before it crashed (report below). Just strange that it's acting so unusual. Error Log
  2. Hello everyone, it's been a little minute since I've played LSPDFR, I admit. So, I decided to fresh install the base GTA V game, made sure I version 0.31 of LSPDFR installed, went ahead and updated my ragehook and script hook to become compatible with 1493 and proceeded to launch ragehook. Unfortunately, I've run into a strange issue and I'm not 100% sure what's going on. For starters, ragehook used to allow me to change the console key from F4 to whatever I want. Now for whatever reason, I cannot change it. Next and most importantly, whenI launch ragehook I am dropped into the default GTA launch screen where I can select online or story. Going via story mode I'm unable to launch anything from F4 and I am a bit confused. Everything appears to work, yet clearly doesn't so obviously I am missing something, but what? Any advice would be grateful. Thank You.
  3. Gonna guess like everyone else did * Show interest in their work * Add relevant information to the discussion * Find and report bugs (from previous models) * Have basic knowledge on the subject matter (in this case NYPD) I know a lot of people see "beta testers" and initially go "oh, oh I'll get the models first" which is true, but there is a lot of work involved debugging also.
  4. So if you still have more planned for this pack will you ever ponder the thought of add a crime stoppers /ESU sprinter @OfficerWalters?
  5. Well I'll be damn look who has returned the king of Tahoe's himself lol, you should grace us with some gifts too
    I'm still using your original HPD Tahoe, glad to see you added more of these.
  6. Ah boi! Look at @thegreathah with that red shiny name "woop woop" better look out! Ha Ha great model and congrats on your new position
  7. Oh nice, didn't even know those existed, Well then, even more reason why this unit would be pretty sweet to have lol
  8. Ever thought of making a sprinter? I know it's not police related, but it would be damn nice rolling around with the NYPD pack. Just a suggestion anyway.
  9. Nice texture, hope we get some better sprinters.
  10. Oh! LoL great, was doing some research on wheels via zmodeler, looks cool but I'm still busy working on my custom skins. Had a few setbacks, so kind of glad this is an easy install.
  11. @RogueThunder mind sending me that ram with the black wheels? I'm still using the stock version and have no idea how to do that via zmodeler yet
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