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    Love it!! Hubcaps are perfect and on point!!
  1. Omfg!! Downloading this when I get home from work!! Can we change the textures to make them red and blue?
  2. MSHP

    Unmarked 2018 Charger [ELS]

    Make two files, one with hubcaps and one without! Unless you know how to make the one with hubcaps that replaces one the wheels in game. Been waiting on someone that can make the AWD wheels accurately (not oversized) and you did it!
  3. MSHP

    Unmarked 2018 Charger [ELS]

    Awesome!! You should do one with the hubcaps!
  4. I downloaded the OIV file and EUP menu, installed everything correctly, then loaded EUP and it still says ERROR Law & Order must be installed which I already have it installed. Any ideas?
  5. MSHP

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    Maybe go to trainer and change the tint to stock?
  6. MSHP

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    You renamed the VCF file to police4? If you have everything in correctly it should work.
  7. MSHP

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    Did you put in the VCF file?
  8. MSHP


    So I did not use siren mastery, but renamed sirens to fit new ones, once in game there's no siren sound at all.
  9. @t0y I finally got a chance to download this pack after upgrading my MB and CPU. I have to say, the vehicles are awesome!! I don't know if you noticed on the 2014 Doge Charger wheels are not centered. When driving the wheels roll but not in the center if you know what I mean?
  10. Take the template he provided and go on paint.net or photoshop and paint the template black or whatever color you like and then save it as Charger_sign_1 or whatever it says in the OpenIV ytd. Like police.ytd and scroll or search “sign” and if you see the livery replace it. Then save it.
  11. MSHP

    San Andreas State Police Mega - Pack [ELS]

    Oooo love the 2016 Explorer!! Would make it perfect if you can make the wheels like the one Slendis has, more accurate ones Using his image as example for the wheels.
  12. MSHP

    Los Santos Police Department Pack (ELS)

    Ohh gotcha, hope you find it!
  13. MSHP

    Los Santos Police Department Pack (ELS)

    @Slendis I noticed the Ford Explore wheels is floating on road instead of closer to the road. Updates on this along with red/blue emissive textures soon?
  14. MSHP


    I tried naming the siren files to the original ones before rockstar updated. It doesn’t work lol