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    ... ok than
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    So now you guys can abuse your powers, seems like a solid Administrative Staff.
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    All the kid is asking for is a model that is unlocked that isnt the gladiator. He may or may not want to do minimal work, but none of this bashing is necessary and i also believe he reported this topic to have it closed.
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    ... And this is why I stay away from multiplayer games, except with people I'm actually friends with in person (not online).
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    Your bandicam will have a rectangle on the top of it(not way top). 
    I have not used bandicam in ages so I am not sure terms.
    You click on the rectangle and you have like Direct X mode and another mode or something like that.
    Choose the one that will not put a rectangle on your screen. The one you choose should tell you to change modes to record. DO NOT change modes.
    Simply set your hot keys and minimize. Launch GTA
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    My opinion on all "Gangnam Style" and "Harlem Shake" videos.

    On a more serious note, Very nicely done however I still hate the song
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    This is a GREAT Tutorial.