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  1. If I remove my mods folder though, won't it remove all my uniforms/vehicles?
  2. I currently have lots of mods installed in my mods folder. Will I need to do a clean install of GTA V?
  3. Noob alert! What do you mean by clean mods folder? As in, install this before any other mods?
  4. If I download and install this mod, will it overwrite all my vehicles/uniforms etc that I have already installed?
  5. JustZach

    Traffic Stops Not Working

    Thanks for the reply, that fixed it! Any idea how to stop A on the controller putting the blackout on as when I try and do a traffic stop the lights all go out.
  6. JustZach

    Traffic Stops Not Working

    Hi, Whenever I try to pull over a vehicle, it works and the car shows as a red blip and I get the notification saying to use sirens to ask it to pull over, but the car just drives straight and doesn't stop (into walls, oncoming traffic, down hills etc). Any ideas?
  7. JustZach

    Best car pack?

    Yes to stop the phone popping up/headlights coming on, however I had this whilst using Siren Mastery and it was fine.
  8. JustZach

    Best car pack?

    Thanks for the help. I've downloaded the Baine County pack. Cars all work and I can active lights/sirens using keyboard but controller not working. Any ideas?
  9. JustZach

    Best car pack?

    Sorry for all the questions. Does ELS work with Siren Mastery as I currenty have DPadDown, DPadLeft and DPadRight controlling Siren Mastery.
  10. JustZach

    Best car pack?

    Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look through them. Are they full packs or would I need to mix and match to make a full pack? In relation to the ones which say ELS, do you need to have ELS installed to be able to use them?
  11. JustZach

    Best car pack?

    Hi LSPDFR! I've been spending the last couple of days messing around with different mods and scripts in game. I'm happy now that I have all the mods/scripts I need and I'm ready to install some vehicle modifications which I haven't done yet. I've had a look through a few packs, however some only contain a handful of cars. Can anyone suggest the best car pack/couple of packs which replace most police vehicles and look smart? Much appreciated! Zach
  12. JustZach

    Keeping it simple!

    Hi all, I have recently rejoined the LSPDFR community after not playing for over a year. I have just reinstalled GTA V on my PC and all I have installed at the minute is LSPDFR. I need to add some scripts/modifications etc but I want some advice! Last night, I tried downloading the list of mod's that bxbugs uses, however I had a nightmare in game as keys had overlapped and pressing F11 opened 3 different mods etc. So, what I am asking is, I want to keep my game enjoyable but simple. What modifications would you recommend? I'm not interested in any vehicle modifications at the minute, I am happy using what is available. So in terms of weapons/scripts/audio/visual etc, what would you suggest? Thanks, Zach
  13. JustZach

    2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    None of my installed cars lights work. I can't activate sirens but no lights work.
  14. JustZach

    Have things changed?

    Thanks for the reply. When I used to play LCPDFR online, our clan all had exactly the same pack installed and it worked. Does LSPDFR not work on multiplayer or do you mean it's not made to be used on multiplayer but it will work if you get me?
  15. Hey! I have just re-downloaded GTA V on my PC and I am installing LSPDFR again. I haven't played for around a year and thought that I would come back. I'm just wondering if there have been any major updates with LSPDFR as the file I downloaded doesn't seem to have been updated since 2016. As well as this, when I played last year there were numerous British clans and American clans knocking around who would use TeamSpeak and patrol online together. Does this still happen or have people stuck to single player? I've had a read of the most recent Month in Review and seen some great new modifications that have come out. Does anyone have suggestions of must have scripts etc? Glad to be back! Zach