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  1. Really good script, I'm gonna try that new On Scene Backup you just created too! May I make a suggestion? It would be awesome if you could make a script that take control of the traffic stop like that! Pretty sure you could do something awesome with that too, maybe add more interaction, more question you can ask during the traffic stop, being able to detect an oder of alcohol or drugs, maybe able to take a look inside the vehicle by the window, maybe be able to look at the condition of the vehicle with more details, that kind of things!
  2. I got the same problem, I saw a guy driving a damaged car, so I decided to pull him over. I asked him to get out of the car and I tried to make him follow me on the side of the road so I could call a taxi for him and tow his damage car. The yellow blip appear but the guy just stay there, he won't follow me using the new ped manager. Maybe there is a problem to make a ped follow you if he is already used by LSPDFR in a Traffic Stop ? I finally decide to call a taxi for him in the middle of the road, as soon as the taxi arrived, the guy teleport in the taxi and then LSPDFR crashed, making the ped, the car, and the taxi all disappeared... Again, can it be a problem with LSPDFR using the ped already ?
  3. Is there a way to fix the front of the spotlight always there even if the rest of the spotlight is missing...? That's the only think keeping me for using this mod right now...
  4. Traffic Control Mod is your friend! Just need to push one button and all traffics (including Cops) stop around you... Let you all the time you need to clean the scene.
  5. My game crashed with this error : Keep Calm: Error calming list of peds: Impossible to load type 'Stealth.Common.Scripting.Peds' from assembly 'Stealth.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. Nevermind, I just saw the Stealth.Common version of Keep Calm and Code 3 is 1.3 and I was using version 1.2 from another mod instead, I will try with 1.3 to see if that solve the problem!
    This mod it's simply a must have! Once you tried it, you won't be able to use LSPDFR without it, quite simple!
  6. Well, this mod with your Arrest Manager mod are just awesome... Really good work there, I used them a lot and I always check for update! :) I don't know if you intend to add more features, but here one suggestion! Would be nice to add some paperwork to do! Because being a Traffic Officer brings a lot of paperwork job too. It would be nice after you stop the car and run the ID, license plate and everything to go back to your car and make the ticket when you decide to give a citation, not just put 50$, 100$, 200$ and that's it. So you would have to put the name, license plate, time, what is the infraction (Speeding, phone, red light) with a little space to put more detail (Example the speedlimit with the actual speed he was going, etc), the cost of the ticket, and then print the ticket and give it to the driver. I know it's completely for roleplay, but I think it would be really immersive! Let me know what you think about that idea! :)
  7. Yeah, the problem came from Arrest Manager... I tested Traffic Policer and Arrest Manager alone, no problem with Traffic Policer... After I told myself, what change in the new Arrest Manager... Well.. The autoshutting door at 5 MPH! So I put my car on cruise control at 4 MPH... Nothing... 5 MPH... I saw the doors trying to close themself non-stop and my car was jumping around, but not flying... At 7 MPH... SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!! Flying non-stop! :P But you beat me Albo... Already fixed! :)
  8. I updated Arrest Manager and Traffic Policer too and I got the exact same problem than Hystery, when I push the throttle, my car fly upward and nothing can stop him! :P
  9. Same question! I would prefer to have the answer from the author of the mod, just to be sure! :)
  10. Really nice mod! The only problem I got with this mod is when I use the Police Computer. If I tap "F" key, my character get out of the vehicle because the Police Computer only block GTA 5 Keybind, the Police Computer doesn't block the Keybind from other plugins. A simple solution would be to be able to change the keybind for exiting vehicle and putting it on a key that I don't use in the Police Computer!
  11. I'm using Keep Calm 0.5.0 for the moment, because I want the ped to be calm too. Working perfectly with all the mods I got, 393.4 and RPH 0.20. I wait to see your Callout Plugin before moving to 0.5.1! All in all, great work mate, that make arresting suspect a lot more easier now!
  12. You have tried to delete everything and start back with a new fresh install ? I had a lot of problem too when I tried to update my game and LSPDFR. Try to add "ConsoleKey=F4" in RagePluginsHook.ini. That fixed my problem with that.
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