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  1. you're making more cars than I can play with. so many good cars, keep up the work man
  2. Lil_phiya

    Slicktop Tahoe

    holy sweets batman! cant wait for this Tahoe!
  3. Yea I seen that one but not what I have in mind.
  4. Yea I got that one but really want an F-150. I wish I knew how to mod.
  5. I'm not sure if there is a thread for this but I have yet to find any unmarked F-150. If someone could make one that would be awesome. I've searched for hours and found nothing. It would help me a lot with my vids. Thanks in advance.
  6. Lil_phiya

    Police Suburban 6

    Best suburban to date...love it dude..
  7. Oops, still trying to get the hang of this forum. Thank you for your feedback. That was fun video making. I have more just dont know how to link my YouTube pag. As for the car its from here but the skin I believe got elsewhere. I will give you links when I find them, if not I can send them via email. Once again thank you for watching
  8. I meant slick top not unmarked. lol epic fail
  9. Lil_phiya

    2011 POLICE TAHOE 5

    dang, I sent you a request on a model also. Please give it some thought. Thanks
  10. http://www.lcpdfr.com/uploads/monthly_04_2013/post-45987-0-24032900-1365263511.jpgRequest 2011 or newer unmarked Ford Expedition.
  11. There are commandline fixes for losing textures. Not sure which one but Google helped me a lot with this.
  12. Lil_phiya

    2011 POLICE TAHOE 5

    looking good, one request though. Could you tint the windows or at least the back windows?
  13. Hello im writing this to try and get help getting my YouTube videos more view, tips, and pointers. whenever you get the free time please go to my channel "lilphiya" and view and comment on my videos on what I can do better and like or sub. I will do likewise if you have a channel. thank you in advance.
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