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  1. maybe there is some application in background that is consuming your ram, go to task manager and check processes tab , you will get to know which service is consuming how much ram, meanwhile you can upgrade to 6GB Ram.
  2. if it doesn't have dedicated GPU, then these specs are not good to run Lcpdfr smoothly on your system. it will cause game lag and fps drop
  3. in order to boost your FPS, you have to upgrade your existing GPU, moreover, increase your ram and some high spec processor like i7 extreme or i9, install new SSD drive, so the game will load faster
  4. i suggest you to install SSD in your system and install GTA in it, moreover upgrade your ram from 8 GB to 16 GB, it will increase loading speed of your game.
  5. there is no option to turn off regular radio, you have to mute game sound in settings, or you have to turn off your system volume, also you can check LSPDFR police menu.
  6. Before installing a mod, always use it's "read me" file, there are alot of online tutorials available to properly install mod in your system, one more thing each mod has different system requirements, maybe you PC is not supporting.
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