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    First mod on which I post a comment and a review on. Everything is easily customizable (which you can do by alt-tabbing from the game, changing the values in the xml file and saving, going back to the game and simply pressing "insert", you don't even need to quit the game), the author did a great job improving it over time. Thank you very much, sir.
  1. It works flawlessly now with the last update, thank you!
  2. Quick update: Messed with the decimals and got this: I added the zeros and swapped the "." with "," (In brazillian portuguese, decimals are expressed with commas instead of dots, those being used to separate thousands instead. Yes, the direct opposite) The full throttle key now works, the steering is not as stiff as it was before and the automatic braking stopped working, but I'll keep trying to make this work great mod Edit: just by changing all the "." to "," in the values the mod fully works (even the auto braking, no need to add zeros before the ",") but the values must be changed (wheels are turning faster than in vanilla and the auto brakes take 4 seconds to deploy. I'm almost there.
  3. Can confirm that adding the zeros makes the car lose throttle completely (even when reversing). The reverse lights light up, but the car doesn't move. the wheels also turned completely to the right and don't respond to my inputs.
  4. Didn't know about the insert thing, thanks. these showed up: Edit: Windows 10 here too.
  5. No notifications about the mod showed up. (neither that it has loaded successfully nor that it hasn't)
  6. - When I set the in-game steering keys to something else, A and D do nothing (at all) while the keys set in-game maintain the stiffness of the mod (and refuse to fully turn no matter how much I hold the key). - None of the "Ctrl" keys seem to work (neither do any keys that I put in the "fullThrottleModifier") so I can't disable the throttle stiffness (tried pressing and holding). - Automatic braking works perfectly. Tried downloading .NET framework 4.6.2 but it says it (or a newer version of it) is already installed. I'm using rage plugin hook, scripthookV and Scripthookdotnet (don't know if it's relevant to you)
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