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  1. Hey i was normally playing gta 5 with lspdfr when i had to restart, once the game loaded i start the duty and get on the police car, at the first call i received i noticed something... The lights and the sirens weren't working, i was on a replace car that used els so i get off and try to use a default police car, but nothing... Neither of the cop cars won't work, sheriff's, bikes, park ranger, fib and unmarked cruisers... Here's all i know and i think that might cause a problem: -I USE A SIRENS PACK -I USE ELS -I USE A REPLACE CAR -LSPDFR 0.4 Thanks... EDIT: I JUST NOTICED THAT COP CARS USED BY NPC WORKS FINE EDIT2: The horn works only with civilian cars EDIT3: RESOLVED (SOLUTION carvariation.meta messed up)
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