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  1. Would be nice to get an app so I can do stuff through my tablet.
  2. He made them all opensource, so I think other people are working on them.
  3. This is great, I know I am asking a lot and I have tried the search, does anyone know a plugin that adds in if the person has a medical marijuana card, so if they have a small amount of weed like a baggie I can just let them slide on past.
  4. Stop The Ped is working for tow trucks, or just calling the insurance company if its a vehicle collision.
  5. I had to reinstall GTA a couple of times, I learned quickly to 1, on a fresh install zip it somewhere if you have space. 2. Install mods one by one, I am finding EUP Law And Order is causing my game to corrupt right now.
  6. What was the court mod, I would love doing a shift then coming in the next day and seeing what had happened to all the people I had arrested the day before?
  7. The Coroner is awesome, right now the traffic lockdown isn't working for me, and the towtruck so you can clear a vehicle off a scene.
  8. I quite like the new 0.4, its a much better base than 0.3, but I miss some of my things like searching vehicles. Would love to hear what other people are missing.
  9. Well, when you launch RagePluginHook it should warn you about blocked files and unblock them.
  10. Honestly, Traffic Policer, I wish when you asked someone if they had a drink during a traffic stop, that you could breathalyze them there, instead of coming out of the menu and hitting buttons.
  11. I just got it working, it doesn't tell you to use LShift to blip a car before you light it up. I am an idiot and thank you guys, I am now installing ped and vehicle search as I believe LSPDFR+ doesn't have it.
  12. At the minute my issue is huge, when I hit my sirens, normal NPCs pull over but don't stay pulled over, and 'event' NPCs like DUI drivers just don't. Current Mods: LSPDFR LSDPFR+
  13. Have an issue, when I turn on the siren, the event NPCs, IE ones with warrents or DUI or whatever don't respond at all. Tried a reinstall of LSPDFR, and LSPDFR+ Tried your tool, I also cannot interact with people in vehicles, I have to pull them out which usually results in cuffs which lowers my options to breathalyze or drugtest.
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