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  1. Officer, your help is needed by the FIB. Respond code 3 immediately. Inspired by Albo's great Pacific Bank Heist callout, this pack will bring the fun of GTA Online heists to LSPDFR. Each callout will have a slightly changed story to the original so that the police work done there is at least semi-realistic. For the first callout in this pack, I am currently adapting the setup mission "Delvier EMP" of the Humane Raid. The callout will go down like this: The player is called in for a special mission at the FIB, where they are told that their help is needed to take out a group of criminals (i.e. the heist crew). The player will then fly together with a SWAT team to the north shore of the Alamo Sea to swap the Insurgent used for the heist with a fake, non-functional prop. Shortly after, the Heist crew arrives and is in a short but hot pursuit killed by the player and the other agents. Once this first callout is finished, I am planning to add either other setups or the final heist to the pack. This is in early development, I will probably still take some time to get finished!
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