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  1. I tried what you said, it's working now. Not sure why my antivirus randomly started blocking it. Do u know any way around having t disable antivirus to play? Thanks
  2. RagePluginHook_12022019_165414.log here's the log
  3. So I go to run GTS through rage, and rage seems to work fine and shows message, "waiting for game window" then "Hooking game window". Then GTA crashes with a notice, "GTAV has stopped working". I cant figure it out, I have redownloaded rage, and LSPDFR but no work. I have even gone as far as deleting all of the files, game and steam completely and start again from scratch but still have the same issue when only GTA and rage are installed. I'm at a total loss of any ideas. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  4. Log attached. Rage seems to load up fine and gives the notice to enjoy, then GTA crashes. RagePluginHook_11022019_034110.log
  5. same thing is happening to me. Are you getting a notice that GTA has stopped working?
  6. I downloaded the new ScripthookV update. Now when I go to play, I get a notice that the game stopped working. I uploaded the message I get. I tried redownload Rage Plugin and LSPDFR, but same issue. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
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