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  1. theres a ragepluginhook folder i never new that i found it thank you so much!!!!
  2. Not trying to be a jerk but i have no idea what you are trying to say help me thanks though!
  3. i get it but what file is the default skin in
  4. in computer plus... i didnt see one even if that works more people are having the same problem i guarantee it needs a update
  5. can u please reword that lol @PieRGud I'm thinking computer plus need a update many people are having the same problem as me!
  6. Hello, ive had computer plus for awhile before scripthook/gta v updates it worked but now its like transparent any reason why?
  7. Is there anyway anyone can make those ped models for EUP?
  8. It did the same thing for me under police 4, it had me so fucking pissed because i didn't know what was going on!!!
  9. Just installed and its pretty amazing! If possible you should make milwaukee county sheriff ped that goes through eup.
  10. I'm so fucking excited i'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and want the ped for it but peds only work through eup for some reason but that dosent matter anymore.
  11. if possible u should make one that goes through eup
  12. Hey I was wondering if u can make a wisconsin state patrol ped that goes through E.U.P?
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