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  1. This is the second time im requesting this and the last one,please if someone can make those skins and its easy please make them,i dont see any respond on the last request i did, so im doing it again. **Pictures on how they look are below and if it is possible make and Ben Mitchell.** IF SOMEONE WONT WANT TO MAKE THESE IM REQUESTING, Ι PROPOSE TO COMMENT IT UNDER MY REQUEST SO I WONT WAIT FOR ANYTHING. Thanks.
  2. As i said on GTA V forum,make and Ben Mitchell the 1st main character and of course the SO19 cops im showing.
  3. I forgot to mention,make and Ben Mitchell. I think many people would like to have Ben Mitchell and his SO19 team. Just if you can make them,make them for both IV and V.
  4. I did created a topic about this and on GTA IV forum because i wanted it most there but if someone can create those modells for british lspdfr or lcpdfr, please make them for both IV and V. Im new here and i dont know much about forums and threads so if i do something wrong,correct me, thanks. here are the pictures below on how they look like.
  5. Hi im new here and i wanted if someone can create the SO19 cops from The Getaway Black Monday for replacement on SWAT or just normal police officer.. I dont know if im questioning on the right place but if someone sees it please reply to me or at least report this to people who know modding for IV or V. Thanks . Im showing some pictures under here on how they are.
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