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  1. Niels110

    Forceduty Crash

    Okay, I figured it out, seems like traffic control was causing the issue. after removing it, everything runs fine. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Niels110

    Forceduty Crash

    I have now, but it still crashed instantly. should I post the mini crash report? I´m not sure what that is, but it generated one after I tried lspdfr today. Seems like I dont have a program to open the file too.
  3. Niels110

    Forceduty Crash

    So I think I found it, the folder is really full so I just took the newest file: RagePluginHook_01012019_191957.log
  4. Niels110

    Forceduty Crash

    How would I find the log? As I said I´m new to this.
  5. Niels110

    Forceduty Crash

    Hi guys, My Problem: Since the last SHV update my lspdfr crashed everytime I went on duty. All my Plugins loaded as usual but afterwards I got notified that LSPDFR had crashed. I tried to fix it by changing the forced updates on CheepCallouts to false but it hasn`t done anything for me. I`m relatively new to the game and it would be a shame if I couldn`t play properly for any longer ;D Thanks in advance for any advice