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  1. I don't know if you take requests or not. Like I said before I use this mod for everything. Is there a way you can add a option to cover a dead body with a sheet or blanket till the coroner arrive? I made a post in the forums but I'd like it to be used from your menu since I solely use this mod.
  2. Are there mods made like this out there already? Or if someone can possibly make them. I don't know how to create my own mods for GTA yet so I can't be of any help at the moment. 1. Is a option to cover a dead body with a white sheet, or blanket or something until the corner arrives. 2. For some haunted callouts. I can help with the ideas I just don't know how to do them.
  3. Snake Slippers

    Body Cam

    Is there a way to make it so you can get this view by hitting select a couple times like that Dash Cam mod?
  4. Snake Slippers

    Ambient Emergency Responses

    Ok I don't see a way to edit my last comment so sorry for another post. I just had a response come thru. I was in the mountain area, don't know the name. I had a suspect in the back just like last time but I was outside the car this time. Got the notification and about 5 or 6 Sherrifs came rolling thru the mountain and no crash this time. Everything worked perfectly. And must say it looks bad ass. The last time it crashed it was a ambulance and fire truck that tried coming thru. Or maybe it was just too many things going on at once? I just wanted to let you know that it does in fact work and looks cool as hell.
  5. I been using this mod for everything. I also been fine tuning all my plugins to slim down the list. Which other mods are rendered obsolete cause of this mod? I know this one does everything from Arrest Manager I think? So I disabled all of Arrest Managers features. Which other mods should I take out if I use this one? I took out breathalyzer as well. If you need my plugin list let me know.
  6. Snake Slippers

    Ambient Emergency Responses

    I came here to post the same thing as DXVX said. I'm still weeding out and fine tuning the mods I got running. I had a suspect in the back of my car and got the notification that the response was coming. So I stopped and pulled over to watch and as soon as the response showed up LSPDFR crashed.