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    I mean vanilla GTA V. Without LSPDFR. Clear LSPDFR also didn't work, but now i dealed with the problem. What i've done is reinstall nvidia driver, and update rhe Visual c++. For two days i play without CTD, so the problem is closed. My advice to the next people who are looking for the same issue decision is try to update v.drivers doesn't matter if you think they are fine. Anyway, thanks for your help bro. Will wait for a new version. Regards
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    Hi, guys. I recently opened an LSPDFR for myself and I really love and enjoy this mod. But i have a ctd problem. The RHP crashes after approximately 15-20 min after launch. I started to finding out the problem. I delleted all plugins except ELS and 4 cars. Still the same problem. Game without plugin works fine. I have steam version gta and downloaded up to date plugin. Also i allready tried to reinstall the game. Nothing changes. Please, could you be so kind to take a look at my RHP.LOG and give a little suggestion about the problem. Thanks in advance. RagePluginHook.log