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  1. bluegrasswarrior

    Need Help. New but quick learner

    ive tried so many different things at this point i dont know which ones ive tried and which ones i havent lol. i guess im about to start re adding my mods to a vanilla game folder again because i keep getting an out of memory crash. tried some heap limit adjuster mods as well as DDU clean driver update...now game wont load at all and crashes at beginning saying out of memory...initially i could play anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
  2. bluegrasswarrior

    Need Help. New but quick learner

    so i deleted game files, copied my backup file into my steam directory again... started slowly adding lspd mods all of them are working so far! the crash must have been caused by the ped mod or the graphic overhaul...trying to learn more about game config and how to do those mods. i try to find good sources of how to's since most are so sloppy but I havent located them yet.. any good videos or links that breakdown how to change game configs?
  3. bluegrasswarrior

    Need Help. New but quick learner

    yes i installed them myself lol. had some good learning experiences but also frustrating ones.. crashes during the initial load..