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  1. Does anyone know how to remove dirt from police cars..some cars don't have that dirt_generic texture in openiv..and the ones that do have it i had them changed to transparent using photoshop..but when my impala gets dirty it gets grey instead of staying clean black...other police cars still show some dirt too
  2. I'm glad it worked..but that's the only way I know so far..I'll let u know if I find out any different
  3. you said your game starts without ragehook?..start the game through gta launcher then right before the game starts double click on ragepluginhook icon and it should hook on with the game then..let us know if that works
  4. sorry i took long here is the vehicles.meta for police...i literally only added the engine sound line
  5. Your welcome..from there I'm not sure how to get it to work with add-on cars..it has to do with replacing the game config in mods/update/update rpf/common/data..after editing dlclist.xml if u want add-on cars..I don't install add-on cars bcus of the same problem u had crashing at loading screen
  6. Delete your modded update.rpf in mods folder and put in the unmodded one do it through the gtav folder not openiv
  7. Try replacing the updaterpf with original updaterpf..it's in mods/update/ Original:gtav directory/update
  8. Your modded Dlclist.xml is in mods/update/updaterpf/common/data.. original dlclist.xml is in gtav directory update/updaterpf/common/data Same with Extratitleupdatedata if u edited that too Good luck let us know what happens
  9. Are u installing add-on cars?if so it's a problem with the dlclist.xml..put the original back and see if that fixes it
  10. Police,police2,policeold1, I changed them to buffullo Sorry it wasn't buffolo it was felon engine sound Yes I'll post the vehicles.meta as soon as I get home in a bit..I'll paste just the police one
  11. Oh no everything works fine after I edit the engine sound..only problem is the siren blip sound is gone
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