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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Do not Re-Upload, Reskin and Restribute without my perms, If you use this in a server or a video, you must Add credits back to this page! Disclaimer: Different lightbar, Will be uploading a different version, That one is next! Credits: Vehicle from: Squir Vehicle Model: AlexB Vehicle Conversion: J.Radley Lightbar: Raddz Modding Skin: SteelyDan Setup: SteelyDan Essentials: D.Pease Generic Police Insignia can be used at anyway, For your police clans etc, There are an Ambo and Fire Generic coming in the next few days! Enjoy If used in a Clan or Video, You must link it back to this page for credit!
  2. Hey mate, Mind if i convert this to gta v?
  3. Version 1.1


    Credits: Vehicle: W.Mason Lightbar: Raddz Modding Skin: SteelyDan Setup: SteelyDan Essentials: D.Pease Trailer: WMAS Discovery RRV Add-on with ELS! Recommended handling is Police3, All files will be in along with vehicle meta and carvarations meta. Big thanks to D.Pease and W.Mason for learning me the tricks and ways to do the setups and parts of the skin! Disclaimer: The Model is the one up exact from the IRL, But the only model I had and Not much difference apart from a facelift in small areas. Thanks for looking, any problems, send me a discord at SteelyDan#2774 Join D.Pease's Discord: https://discord.gg/jhtT64A Follow me; Twitter: @Stee1yDan Discord: https://discord.gg/33UqSPD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCre5Xc33AlwPTOT7TIVLlnw
  4. Very Good Work, Dont know what this guys on about, works brilliantly, Good Work! :)
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