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  1. @UnknownBastion and @Pavy Hi, after a afternoon of trial and error I now know what it is. When I installed my new avast INTERNET Security it had picked up that the game lspdfr was all ready safe. How ever when I did all new update it detected as bad file. So with avast you can exclude folders and files. Thanks for all your time will test it for next couple days make sure it was that
  2. Avast. I had no issues with before the new update it's only to do with lspdfr or rage hook
  3. No I only have the basic LSPDFR installed was working before the recent update. I updated everything else also.
  4. Cheers all was working fine before the new update was loading all correct. I updated newest rage hook and gta v etc If I can't get it working will give up on lspdfr had been fun for the three weeks
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply I just enabled the log and here what it shows
  6. Hi, I have updated my game and rage hook. I only have LSPDFR plug in installed I also download and put the new version of rage hook on but keeps on crashing when loading now? The rage hook version I have now is RAGE Plugin Hook - Open Alpha - 0.64.1234.15464 Any idea what could be causing the loading crash?
  7. Hi, I have justed installed latest version of Police Smart Radio How ever the mod causes to lock me out of the police / patrol car I am in. What causes that? And how to fix? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a small issue when I exit the game my mouse scroll button does not work any idea what cause?
  9. Hi, I have a couple of issues with LSPDFR I have to turn my Real Time Scanning of with Mcafee LifeSafe to be able to play the game is there away around that I have added the .exe file to exemption but not work When I arrive at the police staion it does not let me select any uniform I can not seem to get past that any ideas? Thanks for your time
  10. Hi, I down load the latest version of the rage hook http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx?Category=1 RAGE Plugin Hook - Open Alpha - 0.63.1224.15140 How ever when I extract the files and drag them in to the game folder For some reason the RAGEPluginHook.exe file gets removed Not Sure Why?
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