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  1. MarsCAN

    Basic Bait Car Plugin

    I was thinking about it but I thought it but for now I'm leaving it up to LSPD;FR's built in function to make people start a pursuit while being pulled over. Thank you for the idea though.
  2. Version 0.1


    Hi, This is my first ever mod for GTA:V. I'm quite new so this is a learning experience for me. The mod goes into your RPH plugin directory. To activate it, you simply hit numpad 0. A Futo car will appear in front of you, you can move it to park it nicely on the side of the street but if you move it too far away from the original spawn location, the suspect won't be able to get in, so keep it within 10 meters. The ped will enter the futo and begin to drive off, at this time you can pull them over and continue as you normally would in LSPDFR. I know this mod is very barebones, I plan to add some more features to it including: The ability to select which car spawns, The car to be driven up to you and not spawned in, Integration with mods like Police Radio or Computer+ The ability to kill the engine.