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  1. I have my RPH to automatically startup LSPDFR 0.41 and everything was fine until tonight. LSPDFR dies as soon as my character spawns in game and keeps giving me this same crash report reason. My RPH has updated recently and even if I reload LSPDFR it still crashes after around 15 minutes. Below is a copy of my mini crash report. Vanilla vehicles. ELS has been installed. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Only thing I changed is I removed smart radio. It's not really needed now anyways. I play a few hours and asked multiple suspects for id and no crash. I'm using ultimate backup, stop the ped, comp +, search warrant, traffic police and it's working great. Wish it wasn't so congested with traffic and I've noticed so many crazy AI drivers. Glitching crashing into each other driving into oncoming traffic walls etc.
  3. During traffic stops my LSPDFR plugin is crashing when I hit "e" and ask for id. Anyone else getting this problem?
    Love the model and the lighting but I cannot enter blackout mode. When I toggle the headlights they do not show on the road but are still lit. Any fix for this??
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