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  1. I manage to fix by restarting my computer thanks for all the help
  2. having a problem with els when I start the game none of the lights work on my vehicles any ideas how to fix
  3. I can load into game fine but when going to station to start duty nothing happens
  4. still not launching from rph and when I load from steam no lspdfr notifications here is what my rph looks like
  5. still not launching from rage hook and when I launch the game the using steam lspdfrr doesn't show up
  6. yes I can get in game no blackscreen and none of the lspdfr notifications pop up
  7. it starts up normally and comes up with the menu where you can go to story mode or online or setting or quit but when I load in nothing happens but I can load up my trainer
  8. I GOT it DONT WORRY BUT WHEN I click save and launch nothing happens any idea how to fix
  9. hi there when clicking save and launch nothing happens any ideas on how to fix it
  10. my anti virus keeps deleting rage hook an ideas on how to fix
  11. it is my anti virus software how do I stop my anti virus from deleting it
  12. hi there when I put in new rage hook it disappears from gta file can anyone help me
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