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  1. Is this worth getting if I'm running an old non-gaming rig which gives me a playable framerate with a 1024x 600 or so resolution and minimum settings? I'd guess not but thought I'd ask. Thanks.
  2. Could you possibly make something the opposite of this as I am tired of the screeching every time I press W to move the car forward... or backward. I'd like less sensitive screeching Thanks. Cool idea.
    Though some of the cars maybe need some more work on the exterior at least, in terms of textures - that's easy enough for me to do myself. I appreciate you making a non-ELS pack. I don't know how others are getting ELS working with all the ScriptHook plugins we have to use for other mods like DotNet and there not being an updated AdvancedHookV lol. So yeah, thanks for making a nice non-ELS pack. Kudos.
    Quite impressive! I really enjoy the new added callouts. Also, the added interaction with pedestrians is great. For that, I press T by default standing in front of one. I also appreciate being able to keep evidence in my car's trunk, and label each piece of evidence. On top of that, and probably things I haven't even gotten to try yet, you can use a chemical reagent to test whether a substance (and possibly, but I'm not sure about residue on paraphernalia) hits positive for suspected narcotics. For more info on what this is simulating look up police reagent tests on Google. I do have an issue as of now where the game , LSPDFR itself rather, the DLL crashes when I go to talk to someone I pull over. I trust this will be resolved soon even if it means we finally figure out which mods are just not compatible with this one for now. I suggest removing Make Peds Calm Again, as that may help. The developer takes time every day practically, to read through people's submitted RPF crash logs and that shows a lot of dedication. Considering making these scripts and supporting them isn't exactly a full-time job, again, this mod or rather script is much appreciated. (No pressure, Phaxol, lol.. ) 5/5.
  3. Same exact thing here. Game fber ped leader rage group bla bla.. crashes. The other main partner mod called Hero does the same thing. I'm starting to think this might have to do with which plugins Rage loads itself. I guess most here know that it loads only so manym, then either ForceDuty or going on duty the old fashioned way loads the rest. Is that even right or should they essentially all load at startup?
  4. I just started toying around wth this today. I use a trainer I can't remember the name of rght now it migh tbe "Native Trainer" the latest one, it gets toggled by F4. Point being I first use that to change my appearance when I load into the game using Rage, then I use the ForceDuty command to go on duty. The game seemingly crashed going to a black loading screen (and telling me LSPD itself crashed) when hitting 'choose and exit' or whatever after making a partner at a station. I just recently at the same time though, installed that mod which makes the police stations all look different or something, so maybe that's it. Anyway I'll try just spawning a cop and making him my partner. I'm not too interested in the full K9 functionality right now so even if its buggy that's ok with me. Appreciate you making something that lets you have a human partner. Would be cool too if sometime you or someone could make a script which lets you be the partner. My trainer that I use lets me select any seat within a car, so I can ride shotty if I want, but I've yet to get in another officer's vehicle , move seats real fast, and have him drive it wth me inside lol.. Right and if you want to uninstall the whole plugin just delete the two files from the GTA 5 -> Plugins -> LSPDFR folder... i think it's 2 files but itll be 4 if you installed both of the mods offered here. Or scripts rather. Just sort by date modified or date created. I recommend you get Notepad++ to more easily edit things like .ini files (windows will call it a configuration file I think)
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