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    Jetski343 reacted to TheDivineHustle in What did you get this Christmas Season?   
    Don't wanna sound cheesy but I got to spend time with my family. I was able to meet family I have never met before, I was able to spend quality time with siblings, and I took my 82 year old grandmother out to a Christmas dinner with the rest of the family!
    Christmas is about giving, not getting. =)
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    Jetski343 reacted to tomcat8492 in Expanding on Traffic Stops   
    A topic that is not really talked about in the gaming community or even wanted in the real world is paperwork. Oh yes, I am going there girlfriend. I've noticed that many members of the community have a desire to bring added realism to this mod by suggesting the implementation of different player animations, police equipment and so on. Everyone seems to overlook the paperwork aspect of all this and I believe it is a great feature that can add that missing touch but of course as an OPTIONAL FEATURE. Based on the title of this you may be already knowing what's coming, actually writing tickets.
       When logging on to the computer there is the options of "Search Database", "Enable ANPR" and "Chat". "Write Ticket" (or something along the lines of that) should be added to the computer options. This would be where you would fill in the blanks. All the necessary fields to fill in would be there such as officer name/badge #, location, offence committed, name of subject that committed the offense, vehicle make/model, amount subject must pay (must be reasonable amount), date/time, etc. I must say that I don't know 90% of the make/ models of the cars in GTA IV so in addition to receiving the drivers name and date of birth, the officer should receive info of the vehicle in the form of vehicle registration (this would make it easier to identify if the vehicle is stolen). All this info would be displayed while writing the ticket. But of course, this should be an optional step in the traffic stop process and simply would exist for the realistic aspect. One more thought: this paperwork idea could be applied to when taking a suspect to jail and processing them.
       So there's my two cents. Remember, it's just a suggestion.   
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    Jetski343 reacted to SDSD71T6C in [SUG/REQ-Script] ELS - Federal Signal Smart Siren Reminder Beep   
    Not sure if it is possible but I had an idea based of Federal Signal's Smart Siren system. It has a 'Reminder' beep when you have something on. To add realisim I thought of this:

    if ELS Activated (Any Function On)
    -->Play FS_REMIND_BEEP
    -->Loop ("5 Second Delay > Beep, Beep > 5 Second Delay" So on)
    Stop Loop if ELS Deactivated 100%
    You can only hear it in the car. I guess you could hear it if near the doors but doesn't need to be that complicated.

    Attached is the FS Reminder Beep with pre-delay of 5 seconds.

    This is an example of what you would hear when ELS is activated (Any Lights).
    I'm trying to find guides on how to do this.


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    Jetski343 reacted to strike in Let's see some pic's of what you do for work, Heres mine:   
    I make paperclip chains and add them instagram filters for a living.

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    Jetski343 reacted to AgentCharles in Cooking questions   
    Welcome to LCPDFR home of the ever growing police mod for GTA, We also provide cooking information.
    You could probably just spray the pan with Pam and just put them on
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    Jetski343 reacted to Black Jesus in Sexy Police Vehicles   
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    Jetski343 reacted to DanX in Callout Idea: Traffic stop, shots fired.   
    We've all been there where we've been shot during a traffic stop while walking up to the window. How about a call where we respond to an incident like this?
    We could get a rare callout of "Shots fired at an officer." When we arrive at the scene, we would see the police vehicle with the AI officer lying on the ground (dead or injured) with the yellow circle to search the area for the matching vehicle.
    Just something for your consideration for a callout in a future release (or for other callout modders). I think it would be interesting to have.
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    Jetski343 reacted to Cappuccino in Your favorite Emergency Services videos!   
    Well, When I am bored, I go on YouTube for countless hour and watch Emergency Services responding to calls and also enjoy ride along videos. So, I want to see your guys' favorite Emergency Related videos!

    Whether it be a video of a Response or even a Ride-Along video, Please post it here!
    I will start out :)
    To get the video to show on the forum, Simply put media] in front of the URL and /media at the end. EX: media]InsertURLHERE[/media (MUST BE IN BRACKETS [ ]
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    Jetski343 reacted to Caesar in Comedy Thread   
    Here's a funny joke. 

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    Jetski343 reacted to McGillicuddyAP in Realistic Calls/Reporting suggestion   
    Braveheart's script does not use integrated API.  It's like responding to two different dispatch systems and breaks the immersion for me.
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    Jetski343 reacted to sebek91 in (UPGRADED) HOW TO make a realistic felony traffic stop   
    My original felony traffic stop tutorial has been upgraded. Here´s the video ! Thanks to KetanAgrawal for a great idea :)
    Choose which one suits you best :)

    What´s up everybody.
    I ´ve recently found out the way how to stop stolen vehicles in realitic way.  I hope it´ll be useful for those who want play LCPDFR in the most realistic way :)
    Usually when your ALPR alerts you about the possible stolen vehicle or about wanted owner of the vehicle, you press SHIFT to make it a traffic stop, but when you do it, you have to walk to the drivers/passengers window -  and there´s no way to ask the driver to get out of the car before hitting the checkpoint.
    And that´s unrealistic of course, because in this type of situation cops usually stay behind their car door and shout at the driver to step out of the car while aiming the gun at him. I´m not sure if some of you know how to do it or not, so I made a short tutorial video.
    Hope this helps !
    Have a nice day and stay safe on patrol !

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    Jetski343 reacted to echo04 in Starting a video thread of my work   
    Just putting together some of the more interesting things from work. Putting my first video up, nothing crazy but its what I have now.

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    Jetski343 reacted to Bxbugs123 in [REQ] 2014 Ford Fusion   
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    Jetski343 reacted to IronicRainbow in [WIP] Realistic Fed Q "Siren"   
    Idk man.
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    Jetski343 reacted to RyanG in Who are your favorite LCPDFR YouTubers? [Top Three]   
    Bay Area Buggs
    Jeff Favignano
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    Jetski343 reacted to TheRealNBK71 in For All the Crown Vic Lovers   
    I found this vid on YouTube and thougt id share it in honor of the CVPI being Discontinued :(

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    Jetski343 reacted to Slimory in Vehicle Accident Call Outs   
    MVA's are a HUGE part of a Police Officers job.. I should know.. I drive a tow truck.
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    Jetski343 reacted to youngc221 in ELS Version 7.1 preview   
    You guys are both ass wholes. I mean clearly when it's done. I was just asking for like a time frame. Not saying i'm in a rush i just wanted to know. You could have said something more respectful. But i see theirs dicks everywhere these days smh.
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    Jetski343 reacted to johnclark1102 in Email spam - clan advertisements?   
    Wow. That's really disappointing. It's groups / people like that that give the rest of us a bad reputation and cause all sorts of trouble.
    I find it interesting that both of those emails advertising for different clans are worded in a similar fashion.
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    Jetski343 reacted to dNb in Slicktop Caprice's   
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    Jetski343 reacted to RexCramer in Slicktop Caprice's   
    It may not be a slicktop but at some point I'd kill for a caprice like this 

    As far as Slicktop's go, a marked slicktop would be pretty cool

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    Jetski343 reacted to avsports23 in Avsports23 Presents: Patrolling Around the United States!   
    I'm doing a patrol in all 50 states, in order - enjoy!
    Please note, this is not a thread to request states. I am doing them all. In order. Please be patient :)
    Playlist of them all: 
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    Jetski343 reacted to RDWAIFU in Super Awesome Video Thingy.   
    Oh god
    Please don't remove invincible cars. I need invincible cars to survive. I have OCD, i need my cars to be invincible or I go mad at every scratch!
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    Jetski343 reacted to KShark in Where can I find this siren?   
    I'm looking for a particular siren and I am unsure of what is is and if one has been made. 

    Thanks in advance
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    Jetski343 reacted to K-9 police 9 in ELS Version 7.1 preview   
    I am curious if there's a time table at all  and if there is any updates since it was posted 4 month's ago