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  1. lincoln0716

    Taking requests for textures!

    Yea man I just had a big test too, I know what you are coming from, hope you did well.
  2. lincoln0716

    adampai's showroom

    Hello r u still making the EGPD pack
  3. lincoln0716

    Taking requests for textures!

    Hello, how is the progress?
  4. lincoln0716

    I request a EGPD police car pack please

    Hey u still think u will be done this weekend?
  5. lincoln0716

    adampai's showroom

    When do u think the EGPD. Will be done?
  6. lincoln0716

    Suggestions For Next Texture

    Hey can u make a sac pd car please
  7. lincoln0716

    Taking requests for textures!

    On rear bumber- 911 and i would like it to say 3C-327
  8. I would like a EGPD police pack with a crown Vic, 2018 charger and 2018 Ford Explorer. This is what the livery looks like- THANK YOU IN AN ADVANCE, I REALY DO APPRECIATE ALL YOU HARD WORK AND TIME.
  9. lincoln0716

    Accepting Texture Requests

    Hey I would realy like a EGPD ( Elk Grove Police Department) skin here is a pic :
  10. lincoln0716

    [Request] Elk Grove (CA) PD Skin or Vehicle

    Hey can u pls send me the download link for the EGPD livery pack please.
  11. lincoln0716

    Taking requests for textures!

    Hi, I would like a texture pack with City textures. I would like it to say ( Elk Grove Police ,and the rear bumber 911 on both sides, and on the roof 3C-327 ) {. } Please use this pack: {Link of car pack} https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13331-lspd-pack-new-2013-fpis-20132016-explorer-2015-charger-2016-impala-2013-tahoe-2011-cvpi-els-style-lighting/ Please don’t