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  1. So I just installed lspdfr, the updated ragehook and the updated script hook v and when i load the game using the ragehookplugin shortcut gta 5 starts up like normal but there is no lspdfr or anything i have followed many different online turtorials on how to install and the game still isnt loading right. I get the normal menu like if I was playing a clean version of gta 5 but if I go into story mode the basic native trainer works. I am really unsure of what is going wrong.
  2. Hello Everyone, So I just downloaded lspdfr, ragehook and script V and followed many different tutorials on how to install everything correctly. But when i click on rageplugin shortcut to open up the game it gives me an error saying I dont have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. I have downloaded it serveral times both x64 and x86. I have tried serveral different combinations of one or the other and both nothing seems to be working and I do not know what to do. I am running windows 10 home and using steam. The game works normally and I can play it so I am lost. If someone can please help me that would be greatly appreciated.
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