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  1. Even though @ineseri says there might be no logic in LSPDFR release cycle, I still got a strong feeling it's coming next Sunday (17th Feb). Spread the rumor!!
  2. As far as I know it's not possible. Btw there is a support forums where you can get more and better answers.
  3. 0.2 was planned on Sunday, July 12; 0.3 was released on Sunday, January 17. So certainly this is coming by a Sunday, might be 10 or 24 Feb but my best guess is the 17 February
  4. well with this game update coming in the way, let's hope it doesn't keep us waiting until "31 February"
  5. Can we know which RPH version will be needed to play the mod. Game just updated and ofc RPH will get an update very soon, shall we update or wait?
  6. If this doesn't come this weekend it's probably not gonna happen in the first half of February. make it weeks then
  7. I waited months for this update, why can't I wait a few more days? haha A question, which version of RPH will be required for the 0.4 haven't updated mine for a while and I need to be 100% ready!
  8. Nah this is the last official post before the release
  9. You guys think there would be any way to co-op with a friend in this mode? would be really awesome Wow you don't need to quote the whole post
  10. The hype is real! Hope this comes out by Xmas would be GREAT! Thank you devs!!
  11. I hope there would be a way to do helicopter policing, i mean like some sort of callouts where you have to find or follow a suspect (with realistic scenarios, and where the AI cops do actually something)
  12. Great work guys, really happy to see more of the update news. Keep up the good work, You guys are awesome!
  13. I did not play lcpdfr tbh (had gta iv only on ps3), so I have no clue how they would do it but if ever this feature gets implanted that would be really really awesome...
  14. A native roadblock feature would be great, but I believe it wont be that easy as it would cause much bugs and conflicts especially with the other existing cars in the road. you cant even pull over a car in the highway without causing infinite accidents and fights etc... a roadblock?
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